Books have always been invaluable part of my identity. You could say that I’m a bookworm – I would prefer that label to “bibliomaniac” or “bibliophile”, they both sound like mental conditions, and I already have enough of those. I love to read, collect, modify, redesign and make books. As a child, books were my portals to other worlds. I was rarely allowed to watch TV and without friends to play with, books felt like my only valuable connection to life itself. Besides the strong importance of books in my everyday life, they have been essential in my artistic research as well. They function as guides, as collectors‘ items and as a medium for my continuous log of written and drawn experiences, dated back to my undergraduate years.

Since 2013 I have used all possible forms of journaling, scrapbooking excessively, serially and indiscriminately, so much that my art and my books have become intrinsically interconnected.

I now conceptualise my visual diaries as „Ιδεολόγια” (Ideológia): a collection of illustrated ideas. ‘Ideológia’ is my own term, constructed from of the stem of ‘idea’ and the Greek suffix -lógia‘, which one applies to a collection of objects, typically used for scientific study.

My diary-style handcrafted books underwent a process of transformation into Ideológia through collaboration with other artists. By sharing my books with others, visual ideas were exchanged, reviewed, supplemented and curated in common books: an illustrated symbiosis. Each artist had the opportunity not only to add and integrate elements of their artistic repertoire into empty pages, but also had the right to change or remove existing items.

In the Ideológia, the collaborating artists probed at definitions of art, touching on social and emotional themes including homesickness, trauma and memory. Even in our disagreements and differences, this collaborative approach proved creatively fruitful, and we found inspiration in the artistic approaches of others. The collaborative outcomes have a certain charm, which can perhaps only be described using a term borrowed from the culinary arts: Umami … the fifth taste:

Contributing artists to the Ideológia include Katerina Psaradeli, Lisa Holmgren, Inke Stein, Merle Arndt, Paulina Kabanov, Janella Fritz.



“The books are soul and life, without books the world would have witnessed nothing but ignorance.”

                                                    The Colour of Pomegranates, Sergei Parajanov 


161 velvet books on wooden sofa, 2016


161 velvet books on wooden sofa, 2016


excerpts from velvet books, watercolour, velvet pigment and solvent transfer on paper, 2016




Ideológia Vol I, 2014



Ideológia Vol II with Inke Stein, Paulina Kabanov and Janella Fitz, 2018


Summa cum Laude, Ideológia III with Lisa Holmgren, 2015


The Feminine Monarchy, Ideológia IV with Katerina Psaradeli, 2013


Ideológia, 2012