My ‘works on paper’ are assemblages of found objects and sculptural fragments. They come together to form my own cabinet of curiosities.

I am inspired by outdated creative processes and objects and enjoy exploring the history of an object by intervening with my own imaginations. I select found objects not only for their aesthetic qualities, but for the handwork and material processes already contained within them. I aim to master the techniques which were used to create these objects in the first place. Only then do I feel I have the right to intervene in the objects – to add to them, appropriate them and use them to tell my stories.

I approach found objects from the perspective of ‘post-restoration’ – modifying them, making them my own, and combining discarded and aged objects with modern materials. In this process, I aim to pay homage to the cycle of life and death.

By breathing new life into found objects, I wish to tell the stories which have been lost in time. Ironically, my use of these objects involves some irreversible changes to their original material. My goal is to open them up for use in contemporary storytelling.



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Free The Abstract, 2019

1.890 Custom-made latex ‘nipple prosthetics’ on canvas. 


Contemporary art and media communities, institutions and organisations still struggle in the present day to define their nipple policy. The cultural tendency to hide the female nipple under clothing has existed in Western culture since the 1800s. Concerned by ‘modern-day’ senseless laws which restrict public female toplessness and images of female (but not male) nipples, I have joined the vibrant conversations on sexism in society and censorship in the arts by pushing the boundaries which are considered acceptable in art.
For this work, I replicated 8 different human nipples and areolae: four male and four female. Male and female nipples have similar size, but the size and shape of areolae are highly variable, with those of women usually being larger than those of men and prepubescent girls. The average diameter of male areolae is around 28.0 mm (1.1 in). Sexually mature women have an average of 38.1 mm (1.5 in), but sizes can exceed 100 mm (4 in). For my nipple prosthetics, I manually increased the diameter of the male areolae and decreased the diameter of the female areolae. By changing the size of the human areolae, I aimed to visually trick the standard criteria of gender classification and therefore humorously provoke the censorship criteria of ‘acceptable’ human nipple exposure.
My nipple mosaic consists of 1890 androgynous latex nipple replicas and functions as a visual joke at the expense of contemporary standards of political and art censorship.



Nipple Stole, custom-made latex ‘nipple prosthetics’ and porcelain teeth on velvet garment. 








Atitlo, 2019

paint, latex, cotton, thread, found object (discarded photo album from 1928)

Ich liebe dich Friedrich, 2018

paint, latex, cotton, thread, found object (hardcover book)  


Amor Fati, 2019

 paint, latex, cotton, thread, found object (hardcover book)  


La Llorona, 2019

paint, latex, cotton, thread


Ecce Homo, 2019

 paint, latex, cotton, thread


Puppets, 2019

 paint, latex, cotton, thread


Petrachí̱li (stole), 2018

paint, latex, blackhead mask, epoxy resin


Preserved memories, 2015

paint, latex, latex sketchbook in apothecary bottle


The last supper of Alcyone, 2015

Diaphonized  Pimephales notatus in distillation glassware



Πῦρ, γυνὴ καὶ θάλασσα…, triptych, 2015 (ancient Greek maxim with two different versions. According to Aesop: Πῦρ γυνὴ καὶ θάλασσα, δυνατὰ τρία, “Fire, woman and the sea, these are the three strong things.” According to Menander:  Θάλασσα καὶ πῦρ καὶ γυνὴ τρίτον κακόν “Sea and fire, and woman is the third evil.”)

Velvet flock and polymer paint on apothecary bottles


Non-plus ultra, 2014

Velvet flock and polymer paint on found object (Globus)


Φέμινισμ, 2013

 paper, paint and velvet flock


These are a few of my favourite things, 2013

found objects, paint, velvet flock



I wasn’t born… in Delft, 2013

Paint on ceramic tile


Museum of Child Abuse, 2019

 paint, latex, found object