The Silver Wolf

animation film, 2:04 minutes, watercolour and pencil on paper, 2013 Christina Sarli and Daniel Djamo


The Silver Wolf is a nonfictional animation short film intended to depict a puzzling street tale. lt was only later I discovered that the particular incident was just a fragment of a greater breathtaking story. The man I named “the silver wolf” is a notorious hero, a persona grata of an urban jungle located in Bucharest. His name is Bruce Lee and he is the king of a subterranean world, beneath the surface of Gara de Nord (Bucharest’s central train station).

On the 7th of June 2013, I was waiting at the bus station, close to Gara de Nord. It was a typical, noisy summer morning. A visually and auditory chaotic urban landscape with cars speeding, wheels spinning and people running up and down in a fury. Out of nowhere, a soft, harmonic sound of metallic ringing started fading in this urban music composition. In seeking of the origin of the ‘bell sound’, I turned back and faced a bizarre act: A pack of 10-15 stray dogs were performing a unique dance around a 35-year-old man who was dressed up in a black- leather-biker suit, walking barefoot and holding a black trash bag, splashed with silver paint.

He had the look of a fearsome leader, an Alpha and as he and his four-legged followers approached closer, my perception of reality dissolved into a lucid dream as I realised that the sound of the bells was eventually coming from the hundreds of keys, medals, broaches and padlocks that covered the man’s leather waistcoat.

The image became ironic, though beautifully constructed; the homeless glue sniffer, dressed in keys, could possibly open all the doors in the area.

In the same time, all other stray dogs of the neighbourhood were approaching the fantastic group in agony. The four-legged creatures seemed desperate to get as closest possible to the feet of their leader, the Aurolac sniffer and worship him with a waving-tail-choreography as he performed a strange ritual, inhaling something from his black bag. The curious parade of the Hommo Erectus and the Canidae up and down the boulevard, escorted by the music of the keys that covered his figure, was a vivid hallucination.

Seeking an explanation for that sensational scene I witnessed, I found several articles and documentaries about the man on top of the chain. He has an informal name and many titles, all worthy of his reputation and complicated figure. From his street fighting days, he was called Bruce Lee, but his underground people call him “Dad”,  “King of the Sewers”, “Tunnel King”, “The Father”, “The Protector “.

His underground people, The homeless of Bucharest do not sleep ON the streets – they also sleep UNDER them. They have several entrances down into their subterranean world, where their leader Bruce Lee, created a kingdom for them. The architect, drug dealer Bruce Lee, grew up in one of Romania’s most notorious orphanages during the Communist era. When Ceausescu was toppled in 1989, Bruce Lee got on a train to Bucharest and got off at Gara de Nord, the northern train station. There he created his underground kingdom. He gathered together other lost orphanage children and brought electricity into the sewers, as well as stereos, disco lights, drugs, and a pack of dogs. Later even flat screen TVs and  Internet.


The Silver Wolf (Bruce Lee) is an “Eastern European Streetfighter” who build a sewer society from orphans, drug addicts and homeless. The Silver Wolf was a compassionate king of the underground for a quarter of a century. He did not only built a shelter and provided a safer environment for the city’s lost and forgotten souls but gave them a kingdom, underground. Now he and his closest men have been arrested for selling drugs and for organised crime… And now those people are wandering around like lost souls.


 “My kingdom for some silver paint.” 

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looped excerpt from “silver wolf”, watercolour and pencil on paper, 2013




looped excerpts from “silver wolf”, watercolour and pencil on paper, 2013


looped excerpts from “silver wolf”, watercolour and pencil on paper, 2013


looped excerpts from “silver wolf”, watercolour and pencil on paper, 2013


looped excerpts from “silver wolf”, watercolour and pencil on paper, 2013