The Satyr

8:30 minutes, 2018


This short film blends aspects of both tragic and comic forms, rooted in the aesthetics and the concepts of a genre known as the ‘Satyr play’ – an ancient Greek form of a theatre, known for its bawdy and obscene humour. Such parodies featured choruses of Satyrs, who carried exaggerated phallic props. These lovers of wine, arts and women, though superficially ridiculous, were also thought to possess useful knowledge, if they could be coaxed into revealing it. According to mythology, Satyrs inhabited woodlands, where besides masturbating, engaging in bestiality and attempting to seduce or rape nymphs and mortal women, they also danced or played music.

In ‘The Satyr’, the protagonist is a nihilist and exhibitionist parody version of a famous philosopher who masturbates in the woods. Obscenity, humour, wisdom, ugliness, self-exposure and hypersexuality come together to confront the sensitive topics of emotional and sexual abuse in a satirical way. This satire is related to my personal childhood trauma, approached from the philosophical perspective of ‘Amor Fati’. Humour and irony are used as coping mechanisms to deal with buried feelings and their impact in adulthood. I wanted to find a method to reframe feelings of victimization, thereby retrieving neglected sexuality. Transforming traumatising memories into humorous art objects reframes my memories and resamples my childhood in a ‘safe’, satirical context.




The Satyr, looped film excerpt, 2018







The Satyr, film stills, 2018




The Satyr, film stills, 2018